Audit Services

Audit services have assumed greater importance in the recent years helping companies integrate their financial and management objectives to synchronize with the overall business goals and objectives. Better performance management systems, operational efficiency, competitive advantage, risk mitigation, improved profitability, benefits of lower capital, greater transparency are some of the major advantages experienced by organizations by using audit services.

Encore Business System has been assisting companies by providing optimized, reliable and cost-effective solutions in the area of Audit services with its rich experience and professional expertise. Our audit services have enabled clients experience the increased benefits of maximizing their business capabilities by gaining a competitive edge over the others.

Encore Business System has been providing a wide array of Audit services in the following areas:

Audit management: Encore Business System has been providing the most flexible solutions to its clients with better risk management strategies in the areas of Internal Audit, Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, Information Systems Audit among others. It also assists clients in preparing the annual audit and corporate annual reports in a more efficient manner along with tax planning activities.

Accounts management: Organizations are faced with the challenge of constantly improving their accounting procedures to keep pace with the global environment. Encore Business System understand this need and provides assistance to companies with accounting procedures that match international practices and standards, which gives them a competitive advantage. This includes the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards ( IAS US/UK GAAP) services.

We also help our clients by providing analysis of financial statements, transactional management, and budget planning activities that helps them make sound investment and financial decisions.

Compliance management: The foundation of the success of any organizations lies in its core business practices, values and standards, efficient compliance management and transparency. Identifying, measuring and proper monitoring and control are the key elements that help in reducing the regulatory risks faced by any organization.

Forensic services: Companies need to protect their critical business information by preventing any unauthorized access by users through business malpractices like fraud and misuse of company’s valuable resources. Encore Business System addresses this need by assisting companies with its fraud detection and examination services by designing foolproof security measures that enable companies prevent future loss of information and valuable resources.

System Process Assurance: Data protection and security is of prime importance to every organization. Hence, it becomes important to devise safe and reliable mechanisms that can enable better functioning of the system. Encore Business System provides intelligent solutions to its clients that help them maintain system security, reduce system risks, better infrastructure management and managing critical system processes along with third-party assurance to the clients.

Corporate Report Improvement: Corporate Reporting Improvement is an important process for every organization, which discloses the non-financial information of the company to others. Encore Business System provides its clients with Corporate Report Improvement services that facilitate the process of efficient corporate reporting in an organization with focus on performance management and relationship building through the best quality management practices.

Actuarial services: Companies need to constantly upgrade and innovate new tools and technologies for their growth and survival. Along with that, they need to match their business practices with the global standards and benchmark their performance against their competitors with sheer excellence in every sphere of business. Encore Business System addresses this need by assisting clients with their actuarial services that acts as a growth and performance driver for businesses. Risk management, Claims management, Employee Benefit plans and assistance in Mergers & Acquisitions are the major areas that our company focuses on.