Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are important factors in the shifting global business scenario. They affect the balance of power and the formulations of financial strategies at all times. The process of M&As is also a complicated one. The deal cycle is a long drawn and complicated one where a lot of structuring and financing advice is needed. A focused, comprehensive, and strategically planned tax with reliable accounting and advisory services is essential to ensure success.

Be it acquiring a new business or disposing off one, the merger tax risk has to be minimized and tuture tax flow assured. Mergers and Acquisitions involve a thorough analysis of the deal, forceful and rigorous implementation and clear-cut structuring techniques and this ensures the deal is clinched successfully.

This process requires professional help. Encore Business System is there with you right from the conception of the idea of a merger or acquisition to the execution.

In post-mortem services, we apprise you of the long-term implications a deal or a policy might have. It is an assessment by professionals with a keen eye for detail and analysis. So Encore Business System is involved with you before the deal is made and provides its services even after the deal. It gives invaluable inputs and warns against possible threats

  • We help you to assess and investigate. The financial, organizational and the taxation implications have to be understood. The risk management has to be taken into account. We do all this and more for you.
  • The acquisition itself is not easy with the tangled world of laws and regulations getting steadily more complicated. Thorough homework has to be done to ensure that the client is not caught on the wrong foot. The assessment before and the threats later have to be identified and faced. The tax deal structuring has to be done with care so that the burden is manageable. There is a lot of integration required even after the deal is struck too.
  • The merger itself may show up some unprecedented factor aspect. Our expert services prepare you for this. We have a reliable global network and cross-border services are provided. The commercial know-how and expertise in legal matters also. We help you to add the financial value with the right approach regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller. These ultimately reduce transaction cost and taxation burdens.
  • Restructuring of companies is a part of the package offered by Encore Business System. The public health of companies is very important and needs to be monitored. The buying and selling of shares are dependent on the financial health of the company. Encore Business System helps to restructure companies who are going through financial crisis. Solutions to reduce debt, increase capital and to prevent bankruptcy are offered.
  • The entry and exit requirements are met by Encore Business System and associates

We ensure that the transaction is done smoothly with minimum loss of time, effort and money. At the same time, the focus is on optimized benefits. Value-added solutions are provided to every deal.