EV Bus Technology

Big concept


  • TATA & Ashok Leyland manufacture buses.
  • Switch over cost to Electric Buses very high
  • Existing huge plants cannot produce Elec Bus
  • New plant cost for them is very high
  • The Cost of their Electric Car is very high
  • Electric buses require very less components
  • So tiny units produce Ele Bus at very low cost
  • EBSL has a tiny unit to produce 50 buses /month


Winning Giant in Electric Bus

Diesel Buses Electric Buses
The parts are about 700 The parts are less than 50
Moving Parts are about 375 Moving Parts are about 20
Part suppliers are more Part suppliers are less
Engine is important soul Battery is important soul
Emission & Pollution high No Emission or Pollution
Atmosphere damaged Green in nature
Climatic heat increased Climatic heat not affected
Threat to oxygen depletion Oxygen is saved.
Ozone layer is damaged Ozone layer is saved
Noise pollution is high No noise pollution.
Forex wasted on fuel import Forex saved as no import