Project Finance

Finance is the basis of all business transactions. The success of a company depends upon the wisdom of the financial investments and deals. Project finance is basically concerned with providing finance for long-term projects, infrastructure and public services which have a complex finance structure. It eradicates insurmountable technical, environmental, economic and political risks

Objectives of project finance:

  • Is to raise capital and create a structure that is bankable (of interest to investors).
  • Limit stakeholders risk by diverting some risk to parties that can better manage them.

At Encore Business System, financing your project can definitely lead to efficient and effective business as:

  • The risk involved in your project is reduced by expert advisory help as well.
  • The necessary transactions costs are borne by us as we are your project sponsors.
  • Our services are tailored to the needs of the client as we pay major attention to the representation of project lenders, equity investors, and end users.
  • We offer support for professionals and lawyers who have expertise in the field economics, taxation, etc.